GDF SUEZ E&P Launches

Flagship Aberdeen Office and

Art Scholarships

GDF SUEZ E&P UK Limited today opened a new flagship Aberdeen office and announced a significant investment of over £20,000 in local art projects.

The new 40,000 square feet four storey glass fronted building has been constructed on a brownfield site on North Esplanade West and has achieved an ‘excellent’ Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) rating.

GDF SUEZ House is enabling more than 200 people from four Aberdeen offices to consolidate in one location, whilst providing space to grow.

Rob Buchan, Aberdeen General Manager at GDF SUEZ E&P UK said: “When looking for a new location, it was important to us that we stayed in the city centre as we wanted to benefit the wider community. We are very proud that we chose a brownfield location that would enhance the regeneration of Aberdeen city centre and riverside area and have a positive economic impact. Working closely with local artists, students and schools, we are also creating a vibrant collection of artwork that will surprise and inspire visitors.

“We are committed to growing our business in the UK North Sea and our new building provides the ideal base to drive forward our operations from Aberdeen.”

The company, which is operator of the Cygnus gas field - the largest gas discovery in the Southern North Sea in the last 25 years - will invest over £20,000 for art initiatives to be showcased at GDF SUEZ House over the coming years including :

Supporting an undergraduate scholarship at Gray’s School of Art throughout 2015.

Funding support for four artists in residence at Gray’s School of Art (former graduates), retaining local talent in Aberdeen.

A striking 3D wall mounted sculpture produced by Year 3 pupils at Harlaw Academy and based on diatoms (algae) found in water. This also involved the donation of an iMac to produce the digital elements.

An art display from a class at St Peter’s Primary school based on the theme ‘my favourite view of Aberdeen’.

Significant investment in professional artists based in Scotland to rent and purchase artworks.

Allan Watson, Head of Fine Art at Gray’s School of Art said: “The support that GDF SUEZ has given will greatly benefit the development of a student artist in their final year and enable them to produce work of an ambitious and professional nature for their Degree exhibition. The support of our four graduates-in-residence will also help to retain local creative talent in the city and contribute to Aberdeen’s ever evolving cultural arena. It’s great to see a business willing to nurture local talent and to place such a high emphasis on art at the outset of a new building.